Victorinox 8 Swiss Army Fibrox Chef’s Knife Set

There are a few ways to search for the very best kitchen knife set out there and so many sets to choose from!

Do you go with a Western kitchen knife set like the victorinox 8 swiss army fibrox chef’s knife set or do you go for one of the many different ;link types of Japanese kitchen knives

For my bet, if you are just starting out and want a no nonsense kitchen knife set, then you can't go wrong with the Victorinox set. Well made, ergonomic and sharp, they do the job exactly as you would wish them to do!

So I hope that you understand what makes a great knife:

  1. A quality knife will make sure to slice easily
  2. The blade will last a long time
  3. The blade will not wear down quickly
  4. You should get a full set
  5. It should be affordable

The Victorinox set has all of these points and many more.

You can see in the video how easily they slice and dice, as well as the quality of the metal they constructed from.

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